Custom integration - we can develop integration solutions to keep separate systems in line and up to date, and provide notifications and alerting of these processes.  Such integrations might involve practice management, document management, automation systems and Microsoft Sharepoint. 

  Microsoft Office automation - dream of having more efficient document generation processes?  Use a document management system and wish it integrated better with Microsoft Office?

  MatterSphere Analysis and Development - our expert consultants will analyse your business practices and develop the appropriate automation solution using the incredibly flexible MatterSphere environment.

  Intranet solutions - want to look like the big end of town with a cool new intranet site?  Impress even further with one that integrates with your document management system.

  Project management services - our consultants can help - from software procurement to implementation and post installation reviews

  Business intelligence - we have experience designing complex reports and setting up SSRS scheduled subscriptions, to make life easier for you!

  XML web services  - we utilise this technology to make data exchange transparent and immediate

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