Mosmar and MatterSphere

Well if you're familiar with what we do, then it was only a "matter" of time before we got involved with MatterSphere. We are now an official MatterSphere partner with Thomsons Reuters Elite.

Becoming a MatterSphere partner means we can bring our expertise in Microsoft Word, document automation and precedents to MatterSphere.

Whether it's a new implementation or your looking to improve your existing environment, get in touch with us to see what we can do for you.


Bringing 'elite' to our services

Today we announce that we are now an Elite Services Partner. Whilst our team have been implementing and supporting Elite 3E for many years from both within firms and externally, we can now officially offer our unique experience and expertise to your 3E projects.

Click here for the Elite Press Release.


It's a Worksite without the wolf whistles

No no, we're not donning hardhats and fluoro overalls (to the disappointment of our eccentric director)...

As well as developing custom solutions and tricky software that integrates with Worksite, we are now an official Autonomy support and implementation partner.

Our team is certified in Worksite 8.5 for upgrades and new implementations, plus of course all our software (custom or otherwise) is 8.5 ready.

Give us a call to chat about your needs.


Rebecca presents on ACU ePortfolio project

On Friday 25 June, 2010 an eLearning Forum was held at RMIT University that brought together representatives from universities in Victoria and Tasmania as well as industry specialists.

Rebecca was invited to present on behalf our client, the Australian Catholic University, and their ePortfolio project.

Click here for the video of her presentation and the powerpoint slides.


Life (and work) in the 'burbs

Wow - we feel like a real business now that we've moved into our new office. Whilst it's not exactly the Taj Mahal, it certainly beats working in the front room, the dining room, or on the lounge. Working at home did have some advantages though, like being able to get a few loads of washing done during the day (we've given up on washing with the weather we've been having lately anyway) or just popping the telly on whilst having lunch. Turns out washing, Oprah, Ellen and most daytime telly is severely overrated.

We're all loving our new surroundings, and the local Lindfield economy has had a huge boost as we try out all our new food and beverage options - there's certainly no GFC at KFC, well not now anyway!

Life (and work) in the 'burbs is great - hope you can come visit us soon. Try to give us some notice, but if we're not there try the coffee shop downstairs, the awesome chinese shop over the road, or your best bet - KFC.  If none of those work, then we're probably at a client working to cover the rent.