Mosmar Projects


Simplified printing in Word

With a mixed fleet of printers, our client had to maintain a long list of printers and their tray assignments to ensure their documents printed correctly. Using Control Print, we removed the need to maintain this list so now they can add additional printers without changing a single client setting. They now also have simple printing options on the ribbon which automatically control duplex and paper selection without a custom print dialog in sight.


Custom clauses in a snip

An unsupported end of life product that was heavily used internally was holding back our client. They needed to convert their existing user clauses in to a supported solution. They loved what DCC could do for them, but needed it to do more. Based on their input, we extended DCC to provide them with all of the functionality they needed and more – all as part of the product. We then wrote a custom solution to convert their existing clauses and migrate everything to SharePoint. They now have a much more powerful solution that users love. Users can create their own or shared clauses just by selecting text within a document and pressing a shortcut key. They can then insert them via the DCC pane, or by entering a custom code to insert them just like an autotext in Word. All clauses are maintained in SharePoint or a file directory, or even WorkSite.


Bringing style to Outlook with a Custom Addin

With more and more legal documents being created directly as emails, our client wanted the ability to use their custom Word styles directly within Outlook. We created them a custom Outlook addin so they now have a ribbon in Outlook for applying their custom styles, layouts and building blocks within emails, complete with automatic numbering and indenting to the correct levels. Who knew creating a good looking email could be so easy?


Custom Pitch Template gets the right message across

Marketing companies are fantastic at creating wonderful designs in their tool of choice, but implementing those designs in Word can be another story. Already with a design in hand, our client needed expertise in Word to make it a reality. We created a custom template with ribbon options to ensure the document remained on brand, contained relevant content and was simple for users to create a pitch from scratch. We even provided a custom printing and layout options depending on whether the document was to be sent electronically or was to be bound and sent as hard copy.


Wake up and connect

No longer do we leave our machines on all the time, but waking them up can be an administrative nightmare. Our client had the need to be able to offer people the ability to wake up their machines and connect to them. We wrote a custom application that prompts the user for either their user name or machine name and by connecting to SCCM we obtain all the information we need to wake up the machine. Once the machine is awake, we can connect to it using terminal services for the users, or for help desk they can connect via the SCCM remote tool so they can assist the user. For help desk the application can also be run from the start menu in Windows – just enter RC and the user name and you’re automatically connected. The application can also be advertised via Citrix so any user can connect to their own PC at any time. It’s simple, fast and environmentally friendly – just what the client was after.


Mattersphere Project for Franchising

Specification, design and development of Mattersphere workflow processes and precedents to manage the life cycle of legal franchise administration.


Client Portal/Extranet for Legal Instruction and Information Exchange

Design and development of an online extranet portal for a law firm. 

This portal allows the law firm to receive legal instructions online and enable data exchange between the law firm and their client in real time.