At MOSMAR, we love documents. We love the systems and processes that surround them. Most of all we love coming up with amazing solutions for our clients, and that’s what we’ve been doing for more than 10 years.

Our team of consultants have all worked within law firms for many years – so they get it. They understand the nuances of legal. Their vast experience makes all the difference when it comes to providing advice, doing business analysis or managing a project for you. Knowing what to say and who to ask is key to getting a great result.

Behind our consultants is a strong team of developers who understand the technologies both old and new around legal systems and documents.

Together, we can do almost anything when it comes to your documents. Best of all we’ve most likely done it before.

Give us a call today to discuss what solutions may be right for you. 

Solutions for Microsoft Office Document Automation
  • Styles, documents and templates
  • Upgrades and conversions
  • Macros and ribbons
  • Print process development
  • .Net and VSTO addins
  • MatterSphere package design and development
  • Custom solutions integrating top PMS and DMS systems
  • Workflow Reporting
  • MatterSphere workflow design and development
  • Business requirements analysis and process mapping
  • Client extranets
  • Intranet knowledgebase and experience registers
  • SSRS, .NET Portals
  • Monday

    Precedent Assist v1.2 - available now!

    Precedent Assist version 1.2 is here!  We have released some great new features that we know you will love!

    You can now Add a New Field via the 'Select a Function' on the Precedent Assist pane.  This will save you a lot of time and effort - give it a go!

    The 'If Statement(Advanced)' has grown in functionality - you can now drive your statement with a Question or the default, DocVariable.

    We have also fixed some little bugs.

    Please contact your Admin to obtain your Precedent Assist upgrade.  As always, we look forward to your feedback.   Drop us an email 

    Enjoy version 1.2!



    How about a Mosmar product demo?

    Have you seen the Mosmar Product set?  Would you like a demo? 

    Do you know that Mosmar work with small, medium and large law firms in Sydney and other locations in Australia every day?

    We can...

    • Make your Precedent work smoother, do away with repeating data that has to be entered again and again. 
    • Assist Precedent Administrators with their complex data integration issues.
    • Remove the complexity of Word - develop Macros, help with Word templates, Styles, Numbering, Formats - you think it's simple till you have to change it.  Maybe you want to rebrand - that can be a tricky and lengthy task... 
    • Export documents from document management systems including Worksite.
    • Create Custom Ribbons for Microsoft Office products - this ensures your documents are consistent and professional. Trust us, this can save a lot of effort.

    Let us help you - you know, you could be one call or demo away from reducing your work effort and increasing your productivity!  Drop us an email 


    Precedent Assist for Mattersphere v1.1 is here!

    Precedent Assist for Mattersphere v1.1 is now available! 

    We've added new features, we've fixed some bugs - all details are in the product release notes for your perusal.

    If you already use Precedent Assist, then you can go ahead and install the latest version - drop us an email to for your new license key!  We look forward to your feedback on this version, and as always, we are keen to hear what else we could do to make Precedent Assist help you work smarter, not harder.

    If you don't currently enjoy the benefits of Precedent Assist, then we invite you to try out the features for yourself!  We offer a 6 week free trial, during which time we will provide you support and 'hand-holding' as you get used to the product.  Tempted?  Then go ahead and email us at