Real-time, interactive document automation

DocAssist is a document automation solution with a difference. Not only is it simple to use when creating documents, it's just as easy to use when automating documents. No macros. No code. No templates. No worries.

DocAssist also has a unique and extensible approach to data, so you can get all your data in to your documents.

With unbelievably great pricing plus a fixed price base installation including your standard documents, styles, letterheads, and data import, DocAssist is an excellent, low risk way to take your documents to a whole new level.

DocAssist's dynamic pane is context sensitive, and automatically displays what you need to know, and what to enter.

When first creating a document, all of the essential information is grouped together for you to quickly enter.

See the results of your selection immediately in the document. Letterheads and signoffs automatically populate once you select the author of the document.

Lookup or add new contacts. Or just type in a name and it will automatically match based on the matter, client or all of your contacts.

With the DMS integration, DocAssist can save the document to the correct location automatically, and prepopulate all of the document details for you. It will then foot your document as well.

Insert electronic signatures and send as a PDF file at the press of a button, with a complete audit trail.

When complete, finalise the document to remove all automation and metadata - ready for your client.

Initial pane when starting a new document. You can also bring up this screen at any time.

Answer questions directly within the document and see the changes immediately

DocAssist allows you to jump in and out of your documents at any time. If you don't know the answer to a question then skip it and come back later. Got it wrong - just change the answer. You're not forced through the document in a particular order - just do it your way.

Add another party or take one away at any time. DocAssist is non-desctructive so you can change anything at any time.

Get straight to the point with simple navigation. Select an option via the drop down and you go right to that point in the document. Move between controls using the arrow or shortcut keys. Turn on the filter so you only navigate between the controls that still need to be filled out.

With DocAssist you only have to enter information once and it is automatically synchronised throughout the entire document.

DocAssist has integration with most Practice Management and Document Management systems, so you will have access to all of your client and matter information.

But what is unique is the ability to take any information you enter while using your documents and write it instantly back to the database. Suddenly you can start gathering data while simply using your documents. For instance, change a meeting date or a loan amount, and that will be reflected back in the database. That data can then be used in other documents, other systems, or you even start reporting on it.

Initial pane when starting a new document. You can also bring up this screen at any time.

With notes per control, and summary notes for the entire document, help is always at hand.

Every control within a DocAssist document can have detailed notes to help you enter the right information.

A custom notes summary is also available per document. This can contain any information regarding the document – think instructions for completing the document, dictator notes, links to web sites or even other documents that may need to be completed as part of the process.


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